Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Nexus One: The Super Phone

We heard the rumors. We saw the suspected pictures. We all were dying for January 5, 2010 to be here. Finally- this is the day.

My friend Kurt and I were anxiously counting down the hours for the 1 pm (Eastern) press conference. Kurt works for T-Mobile and was recently informed that they would not be carrying the device; it would only be available through the Google Store. This news left us both confused. We searched site after site for live streaming video. I had several tabs open in Google Chrome pointed to numerous sites that promised the feed. 1:00 came…no video. F5 (refresh)- no video. Finally someone released a statement stating there would be no video feed. So we stumbled upon GDGT.com who was hosting live coverage with automatic refresh on the page. This would suffice.

(you can still view the entire conference details here: http://live.gdgt.com/2010/01/05/live-google-nexus-one-launch-event-coverage/#10-38-22-am all pics in my post are from this transcript)

I’m not here to review the conference, hence the reason I linked the transcript above. I am here, however, to discuss the features and my reaction on them. Without further ado…

They are calling Nexus One a super phone.

(Does anyone else think of a phone with a cape and a fancy G plastered across the front screen? )

And they should be calling it that. I’ve had my G1 for over a year and I’ve grown to love it passionately. In watching some footage of the newest features, it’s clear Google has definitely stepped it up quite a bit for this new 2.1 Éclair release of Android. Here are some of my favorite features of the new release:

-1GHz Snapdragon processor. Wicked fast, so we’re told. The G1 has a 528 MHz processor

-We’re keeping the trackball. Some argue this isn’t a necessity for a touch-screen phone, but I’ll argue to the death. I love my trackball because it’s responsive, sometimes faster and…it keeps my screen much cleaner. I would almost not consider a phone if it didn’t have a trackball (now that I’ve used one for so long).

-It’s thin. As thin as a pencil and as light as a Swiss Army knife.

-Finally! A 3.5mm headphone jack! Now I don’t have to use a pesky adapter and ear buds that never fit my ears! I can use my own!

-5MP camera with, yes finally, LED flash. My biggest gripe about the G1 is the lack of oomph in the camera. I take pictures everywhere I go. Lots of pics are candid shots of my dogs; of course with terrible lighting. I’m hoping this LED flash will improve my pics greatly.

-Everything is voice capable. Yes…now my husband can text message me without taking his hands off the PS3 controller! From Google searches, to Navigation, to text messaging; all you have to do is open up your mouth.

-Live Wallpaper. The image seen here shows water rippling in the background. Touch your finger to the screen and the water ripples around it.

-Google Earth!!! Need I say more?

I could go on and on and on…in fact, I think I’m ordering my Nexus tomorrow (along with one for my husband- he’ll be a first-time Android user). Honestly, how can we resist? As Google puts it “You now have a mini-computer in your pocket”. Who wouldn’t want that? I’ve yet to read about the other rumors that were circulating pre-release (multi-touch, Office and PDF document viewer standard) but there are some apps and functionality that I have apps for on my G1. Now I don’t have to! That frees up internal phone memory for other fun apps. I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

This is almost the phone I’ve been waiting for. The minor drawbacks from being the perfect Android for Laura: No flash player (soon…we hope. Plus- it’s a software release). No qwerty keyboard. That is about it!

I have been waiting and waiting for January 5, 2010, and now that it’s here and I’ve soaked it all in I’m beat and ready for sleep. Off to dream of my soon-to-be new phone.

Get used to purchasing phones directly from the Google Store; my hunch is this will be the new method of shopping for Android. Just check out Google’s Official Blog:

Buy the phone from Google:

And…check out my “I’m in Love with Android” group on Facebook. Anyone can join!

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